Ermia Hotels & Resorts offers ideal V.I.P, tailor-made according to your personal needs, which are going to excite you and your beloved ones, making you feel special during your holidays. Have a small taste of our unique Services & don’t hesitate to contact our Reservations Department at 0030 2310 548956 to gain further information. This summer let Ermia Hotels & Resorts create unique experiences for you, letting you enjoy both luxury and relaxation in Halkidiki.
Private Chef Experience

Private Chef Experience:  Indulge in the ultimate private dining experience at your own Villa

Ermia Chefs can prepare a feast of your liking ranging from a traditional Greek barbecue with fresh fish to Sunday’s brunch or even a fine dining experience exclusively prepared for you and your beloved ones. Please contact your Service Assistant to gain further information and have your memorable Private Chef experience organized especially for you.

Daily Yacht Excursions

Daily Yacht Excursions:  Discover the hidden paradise of Halkidiki!

Are you ready to explore your Halkidiki! Discover the hidden paradise of Halkidiki, enjoying daily cruises which will take you to the most beautiful, off-the beaten-track places. Delight in a daily yacht excursion, experiencing the absolute freedom, while exploring the hidden little gulfs and coasts among the sparkling waters of the Aegean Sea. During your trip, you will have the chance to swim in unexplored places and into extraordinary coasts, accessible only via the sea.

In Room Dining

In Room Dining:  Dine in privacy at your own Villa

The most mouth-watering flavors of life are meant to be experienced in privacy. Ermia Villas invites you to taste the ultimate dining sensation in the privacy of your own villa. In order to meet the needs and desires of our valued guests, we provide you intimate dining services, giving you the opportunity to enjoy the most scrumptious Mediterranean and Greek Modern delights in the comfort of your villa and savour an extensive variety of special wine varieties in full privacy. In Room Dining. Ermia team is happy to arrange for you a dining experience in the comfort of your villa.

Excursion to local wineries

Excursion to local wineries:  Ermia lets you discover the tasteful local wine world of Halkidiki

Ancient Halkidiki was famous for its wines since the 5th century BC, with Aristotle himself having planted a vineyard in Stagira, his hometown. Ermia Hotels & Resorts organizes visits to the local vineyards, specially designed for our valued guests, offering you the chance to explore the area’s renowned wineries. You are able to see how local wine is produced, while tasting its excellent quality. We customize your delightful wine journey and we welcome you to discover a tasteful wine world. You simply need to ask us and we will arrange everything for you!

Thessaloniki Shopping

Thessaloniki Shopping:  Combine your summer holidays with a small city break

Halkidiki is just an hour away from the second largest Greek city, Thessaloniki, where shopping opportunities are abundant.
Combine your summer holidays with a small city break and indulge in the endless shopping and the alluring summer sales. Tsimiski Street is the main shopping street, where visitors can find a wide selection of retailers and department stores with international brands and domestic value-worthy products. Mediterranean Cosmos Mall, a large indoor shopping centre just 90 km away from Halkidiki, is the ideal place, where you can combine everything at once, such as famous branded products, fancy restaurants, tasty delicacies and great coffee. We get you from your villa in the morning at 09:00 - 10:00 and stay in Cosmos for approximately 3 hours.

Thessaloniki by night

Thessaloniki by night:  Meet Thessaloniki's famous vibrant nightlife

Thessaloniki is also famous for its vibrant nightlife. The city which never sleeps welcomes you to entertain yourselves, visiting the plethora of bars and restaurants, whilst tasting its local cuisine and culture. Are you still wondering whether Thessaloniki is worth a visit? We pick you up from your villa at 17:00, offering a small tour of Thessaloniki (Castles of Thessaloniki, Saint Demetrios, Arch of Galerios, White Tower).

Grocery Shopping

Grocery Shopping:  Find your fridge stocked with the products you like the most!

When you’ve rented a luxurious villa as your home-away-from-home in Halkidiki, the last thing you want to think about is finding the nearest supermarket, stocking the fridge, or translating your shopping list into Greek! This is where Ermia Services come into the picture, a lifesaver for holidaying foodies. Simply order online before you leave home and have everything at the villa in time for your arrival. Find your fridge full and your kitchen stocked with your favorite delicacies.

Customized Transfers

Customized Transfers:  Ermia transfer services can be arranged anytime according to your personal needs

Ermia transfer services can be arranged anytime according to your personal needs. Enjoy the comfort of an organized and reliable transport shuttle service, whilst ensuring quality and punctuality. Ermia transfer services provide an interesting opportunity to enjoy the magnificent scenery of Halkidiki, as our experienced drivers are more than willing to make your stay memorable. Furthermore, Ermia organizes airport pick-up or drop off services according to your own schedule, aiming at your ultimate comfort. Please, do inform us about your requests and we will take care of them with respect and attention to detail.

Car Rentals

Car Rentals:  Enjoy independent holidays and explore the destination on your own

Halkidiki is an earthly summer paradise with a great range of exciting activities and picturesque places available to be discovered during your holidays. In case you prefer to enjoy independent holidays and explore the destination on your own, you simply need to inform us and we will arrange the soonest possible a suitable car rental for you and your beloved ones. Whether alone, with family or friends, wishing to explore the wonderful beaches, the hidden romantic spots or the vibrant nightlife, we are ready to provide you with the ideal vehicle for you, which is going to drive you towards your infinite and authentic summer experiences.


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